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3-axis CNC spring forming machine

CNC652 | KDE

Series: CNC

3-axis CNC spring forming machine

Quantity of controlled axis 3pcs + 1pcs
Wire diameter 2mm — 5mm
Spring-forming machine variation Cam machine

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Technical data

Basic feauturies
Quantity of controlled axis
3pcs + 1pcs
Type of spring
Tension / Torsion / Double torsion / Wire bending
Spring-forming machine variation
Cam machine
CNC language
Chinese / English
Processing parameters
Wire diameter
2mm — 5mm
Direction of coiling
Right + Left
Spring diameter
Wire feeding speed
Wire feed value
0.01mm — 9999.99mm
Cam setting value
0.1° — 359.9°
Wre feeder
Click to select configuration:
Diameter of feeding tray
Wire feeding speed
Loading weight
Motor power
220V / 50Hz / Three phase
Controlled axes
Wire feed axis
1pcs x 7kW
Core axis
1pcs x 1.5kW
Cam axis
1pcs x 7kW
Engines and power supply
380V / 50Hz
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Characteristics and functions:

  • Taiwan imported computer control system and imported servo motors;
  • English and Chinese interface of CNC, easy to operate and accurate positioning, CNC able to control up to eight servo motors, all motors can be synchronized or run separately;
  • Equipped with precision detection and tracking system, the machine can be automatically shut down if case of unqualified products;
  • According to the working conditions, the outer diameter and angle can be modified at any time;
  • This spring making machine is suitable for the production of double torsion springs, tension springs,  pagoda springs, rectangular springs, wire forming, special-shaped springs, complex and difficult-shaped springs and so on.