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Kunshan Kedaer Trade Co., Ltd

Kunshan Kedaer as an asian Knavi division Kunshan Kedaer Trade Co. Ltd as an asian division of Knavi Group has a reputation as one of the leading machine tool dealers in CIS countries, Europe and Northern America. Company handlings modern and reliable machinery worldwide for many industries: wood and metal processing, plastic and rubber manufacturing, glass and stone processing, spring manufacturing, etc.


Knavi Group is an international company created to promote high-quality machine tools from China and Taiwan (ROC) to the global markets, with offices located in China and Russia. We have direct agreements with world-famous machine-tool manufacturers from Asia, which allows us to maintain a confident position in the field of supplying reliable and value-driven production equipment for the needs of both large manufacturing enterprises and for the needs of small and medium-sized companies.

Since 2017, the company has been steadily and progressively developing in the global market: increasing range of supplied products, expanding the geography of deliveries, strong partnerships with leading manufacturing plants and current clients are deepening.

Today Knavi Group has the ability to supply hundreds types of machine tools and equipment from all over the world, which allows our customers to access most of technological solutions or needed equipment. Our customers are increasingly becoming government agencies, universities, large industrial associations and factories, as well as private persons from all the world.

Now Knavi Group is: proven over the years manufacturers, reliability of supply, competent specialists and unique web-service with system of selection of the necessary equipment and accessories.

Reliable suppliers

Proven machine tools and accessories from world leading manufacturers.

Integrated approach

Apart of matching the needed machine tools, implementing door-to-door delivery, we carry out commissioning, training and maintenance of supplied machine tools.

Competitive prices

Due to rational logistics and drop shippings we’re offering our customers the best prices.

Trust and clients

We always appreciate your trust in us and we put your interests above all else. We are focused on building long-term relationship with each client. And we are constantly working to improve our service, implementing new developments that will make your work easier and more convenient.