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CNC Horizontal milling machine

XK6040 | QIER

Series: XK6

CNC Horizontal milling machine

Working table size 1600mm x 400mm
Manual feed travels 900mm / 400mm / 375mm
Milling machine variation Horizontal milling machine / Universal
Spindle speeds range 30rpm — 1500rpm
Milling Horizontal

Options for systems and parts

Siemens 802D

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Technical data

Basic feauturies
Milling machine variation
Horizontal milling machine / Universal
Horizontal worktable
Working table size
1600mm x 400mm
3pcs / 18mm / 90mm
Max. weight of workpiece
Horizontal spindle
Spindle speeds range
30rpm — 1500rpm
Spindle taper
Distance from horizontal spindle axist to surface of working table
35mm — 410mm
Spindle motor power
Manual feed travels
900mm / 400mm / 375mm
Number of feed speeds
No limitation
Min. speed of traverse feeds
10mm/min / 10mm/min / 10mm/min
Max. speed of traverse feeds
3000mm/min / 3000mm/min / 1500mm/min
Rapid traverse
3000mm/min / 3000mm/min / 1500mm/min
Indication and control
Click to select configuration:
Siemens 802D
Quantity of controlled axis
Cutting fluid
Power of coolant pump motor
Engines and power supply
380V / 50Hz
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

CNC Horizontal knee-type millling machine XK6040 is newly designed, improved milling machine and can be equipped with servo motor, based on the common knee type milling machine. The spindle keeps the 18 steps gear shifting, which guarantees much wider speed change range applied with servo driving through speed reducing system. The feeding movement is realized by the power transmission to the ball screws of 3 axes.

Machine Characteristics:

CNC Milling machine can be used in 3 axis (X/Y/Z). Simultaneously control and fit for all works of complex and high accuracy, such as cam, templates, molding tool, curved grooves, etc. The machine is suited in various workshops of machinery building and military industry.



  • All slide ways adopt high quality cast or hardened, ensure high wearability and rigidity.
  • Electronic pump centralized lubricating system.
  • Three axis adopts high accuracy ball screw and drived by servo or step motor to ensure high sensitivity and accuracy.
  • Imported or domestic CNC systems for your choose, with a stable system performance, machines can be easily and efficiently operated.
  • Optional CNC system: KND, GSK, Siemens, FANUC etc. The 4-axis is too optional.