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CNC Spring-end grinding machine


Series: NSM

CNC Spring-end grinding machine

Wire diameter 0.8mm — 6mm
Control CNC
Spring diameter 80mm
Spring lenght 8mm — 180mm

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Technical data

Basic feauturies
Wire diameter
0.8mm — 6mm
Spring diameter
Spring lenght
8mm — 180mm
Working area
Number of trays
Quantity of grinding wheels
Grinding wheel size
400mm x 50mm
Grinding wheel rotation speed
Chip and dust removal systems
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Engines and power supply
380V / 50Hz / Three phase / AC
Total motor power
11.57kW / 5pcs
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

NSM6 single tray CNC spring grinding machine is equipped with Mitsubishi CNC system to control grinding process on both vertical ends of springs simultaneously. Feeding speed of grinding heads is adjustable on the basis of pressure from spring. Fine grinding process is available, as well as compensation function on grinding wheels. The grinding process is operated manually and automatically. For replacing grinding wheel and regular maintenance, the table can be opened conveniently.

This machine is very suitable for high precision grinding proposal, and modified on the basis of 9mm by adding extra feeding plate. The application can be found in small spring production by time consuming feeding.