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Straight line edging machine

BZM9.325A | Bei Jiang

Series: BZM

Straight line edging machine

Glass thickness 3mm — 25mm
Control Manual
Min. glass size 80mm x 80mm
Glass edge Flat edge

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Technical data

Basic feauturies
Number of grinding wheels
Glass edge
Flat edge
Glass thickness
3mm — 25mm
Min. glass size
80mm x 80mm
Max. glass size
3000mm x 3000mm
Working speed
0.5m/min — 5m/min
Cutting fluid
Pump motor power
Engines and power supply
Total motor power
380V / 50Hz / Three phase
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • The BZM9.325A is suitable for grinding and polishing flat edge of glass. It has 9 motors, rough grinding , fine grinding and polishing can be finished in one process. The input conveyor and move up and down for small glass.
  • It is a manual operation machine, it is widely used in processing furniture glass and building glass.